How can you think of creating a financial plan, buying investments and looking to the future, when you may not have completed the first basic step?

Investors need to define their goals, understand their tolerance for risk and link that understanding to their financial plan and investment portfolio.

That's why we specialize in understanding you and helping you understand yourself. We ask the questions, we get the answers and we provide the solution tailored to you.


  • Know your net worth?

How much are you worth? How much do you need to be worth when you retire? These questions guide you in determining realistic financial goals. Finding out your net worth is only the first step in your larger goal of achieving financial security. Let me help you determine your current net worth, your required net worth and a plan to get you there by selecting products best suited to fulfill your needs.

  • Following a monthly savings plan?

Are you paying yourself first? If you aren't saving each month you may be hindering your chances of having a worry-free retirement. For most people it's hard to come up with the lump sum for an RRSP contribution or a large purchase. What many don't realize is that a monthly savings plan can make it easy to save and not miss on an investment opportunity.

  • Concerned that your estate plan may not be sufficient?

You want to minimize your taxes, ensure that your beneficiary has access to money quickly, and protect your assets from probate fees and long court battles. I can show ways to achieve all of the above.

The world of financial services and tax laws can oftentimes be complex, and most particularly when you reach retirement age and are considering your options for the future. As you look at the array of possibilities, you may begin to feel a bit overwhelmed.

Let me provide you with the information you need to understand your choices and help you make an important decision.


Diversify your portfolio for a maximum return on your investment!

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